Er med i en konkurranse der du kan vinne gorgeous curl wand krlltangen. Meld deg p her du og!

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...because GOD IS LOVE.

Now HOLLYWOOD wants to make you think they know what LOVE is. But I'm a tell you what TRUE LOVE is. LOVE is not what you see in the movies. IT'S NOT the ecstasy. ITS NOT what you see in that scene. I'm telling you right now, TRUE LOVE is SACRAFICE. LOVE is THINKING about OTHERS before you THINK about YOURSELF. LOVE is SELFLESS, not SELFISH. LOVE is GOD, and GOD is LOVE. LOVE is when you lay down your LIFE for another, whether for your brother, your mother, your father or your sister. Its even laying down your LIFE for your ENEMIES. That's UNTHINKABLE, but THINK about that. LOVE IS TRUE.

LOVE is PATIENT. LOVE is KIND. It does not ENVY, it does not BOAST. IT ISN'T PROUD. LOVE is not RUDE. It isn't SELF-SEEKING. It is not easily ANGERED. It keeps NO RECORD of wrongs. You see LOVE does not delight in EVIL, but REJOICES with the TRUTH. It ALWAYS PROTECTS. It ALWAYS TRUSTS. It ALWAYS HOPES. It ALWAYS PERSEVERES. LOVE never FAILS. LOVE is EVERYLASTING. Its ETERNAL. It goes ON and ON. It goes BEYOND time. LOVE is the ONLY thing that lasts when you DIE, but ASK the question WHY DO YOU have LOVE?

There is no GREATER LOVE than this. Than HE who lays down HIS LIFE for HIS FRIENDS. Are YOU WILLING to lay down YOUR LIFE for YOUR FRIENDS? You're probably WILLING to lay down YOUR LIFE for your mother, your father, or your BEST friend. But are you WILLING to lay down YOUR LIFE for even those thay HATE YOU? I'm going to tell you who DID THAT... The DEFINITION of LOVE is JESUS CHRIST. HE is LOVE. The NAILS in HIS hands. The THORNS in HIS brow. HANGING on the CROSS for YOUR sin, MY sins. THAT is LOVE. HE DIED for YOU and ME while WE still HATED him. THAT is LOVE. GOD is TRUE LOVE. If you don't KNOW this LOVE NOW it's TIME to KNOW. PERFECT LOVE.

I'll put YOU in front of ME, so EVERYBODY can see MY LOVE; THIS IS MY LOVE. I know that I'll be ALRIGHT, as long as you are my GUIDE, MY LOVE. THIS IS MY LOVE.

Adam og Eva-konkurranse


Drmmer du om en jobb innenfor styling og fashion? Sjekk ut videoen om Adam og Eva Skolen nedenfor!

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den flelsen...

den flelsen av glede. lykke. flelsen av stolthet. flelsen av endelig kunne si at man er lykkelig. nyte yeblikkene. nyte livet.det konstant ha noe glede seg til. den flelsen - dn er deilig den.


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